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wytiwx - Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 6665.2MHz - 6665.15 mhz CPU Frequency


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1 hour ago, Noxinite said:

Words? They've all gone.

Edit: Still no EP45T-Extreme action?

I did not get a good enough EP45T-E by now, none of them can load WinXP @ 650FSB on air, I may need cold NB, but EP45T-E is too rare for me to bench under LN2 :P

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1 hour ago, ground said:

Now you are just toying with us... Come one, show that 750+ valid you got there :D Amazing score :D

You will see, just made 750 FSB validation become ordinary :cool:

Hope SAMUEL D. & FRANCK D. won't think that I cracked CPU-Z validator one more time :D

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3 hours ago, suzuki said:

Fking hell. Needed 15 years for someone to play it right :D.

Congrats, huge discovery. Wish to know if you can apply same principles to rex or other boards. 

THX,  I will try ASUS X48 for 700 FSB, but probably not so high clock for some reasons just like TaPaKaH said

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