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Overclockear finds rev4 screenshot


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So, on the left is the news overclockers league, on the right the teams league?

The rankings changes in team ranks are already referring to the rev4 or the "+1, -1" is referred to the current ranking?

In that case, it seems that, there isn't such a big revolution in team rankings, if I'm not mistaken. :)

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Rev4 changes are expected to have a bigger impact than a few +/- 1 changes, but let's wait for an official answer.


However I think this screenshot was made for showing how close the competition is:

Today team ranking top 20 goes from 13.7K to 42.8K, rev 4 beta ranking range is 12.9K up to 33.0K

Today user ranking top 20 goes from 760 to 2,100, rev 4 bet ranking range is 1,000 up to 2.470


--> Percentage-wise lower top 20s are closer to the leaders than before, atleast at this beta stage

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There are very, very few major shocks in the rankings. For instance, in the current implementation (let's say v0.9) only 2 teams drop out of top-20 and all(!) top-10 teams are still in top-10. Like I said, this is still subject to small change, but I'd say it's good to see that the top teams are still top with the new concept of Team competition (where 90% of points come from powerteam rankings).


The user league might be a bit more spectacular as more weight has been put on scoring gold in highly competitive rankings. For instance, MTP04's recent slam dunk in the GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB ranking will help pushing for top-30.

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