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Hey. I don't hate ASUS!


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Look, I have even used a lot of mainboards:


45x Maximus IV Extreme

17x Rampage II Extreme

16x Maximus III Formula

12x P8P67 Deluxe

10x Rampage Extreme

6x M3A78-T

4x Rampage III Extreme

3x Maximus II Formula

3x P5K

2x Crosshair IV Extreme

2x P4C800

2x P5A

1x Crosshair III Formula

1x P5W64 WS Professional

1x P7P55 WS SuperComputer

1x P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP

1x P8H67-M LE

1x P4C800-E Deluxe

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It's partly of a joke from some of them you know... personnaly I don't hate neither but dissapointed by many boards/bios :(


Edit: +1 Chris ^^





P5N32-Sli Se Deluxe

P5N32-E Sli


Maximus II Formula

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It doesn't matter what you say/show/prove, if people want to believe something. On a daily basis I can see, that there is no way to convince somebody that his/her claims of partiality are false if they are already built on presumption/feelings.


However you can try to show others that the spreaded claims of partiality are false by the way how you act. ;)


Don't believe it? Then let's say you prefer Asus actually! Why else would you open a new thread only to show how many Asus boards you've benched and link to some sessions where you used Asus products successfully where it was not needed? I know it's a clever PR maneuver and your attempt to cover the real reason has failed. You're biased and I will tell everyone about it. Die in hell! :)


(Yep, that's like fanboys want to discuss with unblemished editors ;))

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160L also okay?[/url]

It should be enough tbh :D




im not complaisant....


id rather talk about overclocking :P

Are you pointing the three other guy in this thread here ? ^^


Fa sure mate!


Edit: Well said Hyperhorn ;)

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it Doesn't Matter What You Say/show/prove, If People want To Believe Something. On A Daily Basis I Can See, That There Is No Way To Convince Somebody That His/her Claims Of Partiality Are False If They Are Already Built On Presumption/feelings.


However You Can Try To Show Others That The Spreaded Claims Of Partiality Are False By The Way How You Act. ;)


Don't Believe It? Then Let's Say you Prefer Asus Actually! Why Else Would You Open A New Thread Only To Show How Many Asus Boards You've Benched And Link To Some Sessions Where You Used Asus Products Successfully Where It Was Not Needed? I Know It's A Clever Pr Maneuver And Your Attempt To Cover The Real Reason Has Failed. You're Biased And I Will Tell Everyone About It. Die In Hell! :)


(yep, That's Like Fanboys Want To Discuss With Unblemished Editors ;))


haha :D :D :D

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You're posts don't count versus Petri's :D


Each SF3D's post = 500 Christian Neys's post - Each SF3D's score = ??? x Christian Neys's scores...



To return at the subject of the thread, I agree, Asus is nice for gaming :D

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