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This is simply too funny. I wonder what our hwbot staff will do about this.


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The Fabi's I can explain, cause we live together and use same notebooks and PCs to validate scores...

I do not know why lots and lots of times we logout and keep same user...

You can look for my threads and you will find my report asking about this problem.


Sure we used the same SSDs... and sure we benched together...

Is possible Fabi leave HWBot to cause no more problem,...further she have only a lit bit of time to bench.

But Joe90 I can not explain.

Sure is mine result and I do not know how the result are there... please contact Joe90 and ask him the question.

Please let me know how can I proceed to solve this problem.


Best regards


P.S. if I wanted to give results for Fabi, could give better results.

It could also put on pink screen time as she likes to do.

This should prove that we do not need it ;)









lol....now i noticed Fabi didn t show Details...she have no experience to 01

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You agree that Fabi could have many points, and she almost have no points?

Just watch, she was benching home with me yesterday (she feel shamed in the pictures, but you can see her hands...lol)

You Will not find any results of Fabi in SLI, and will also verify that it has posted poor results at hwbot.

Is easy to understand that if we were sharing results...we have lots of hardware...and Fabi haves only 7 results posted in HWBot (and not amazing results, but normal results).

If we were sharing results you can be sure Fabi coud have many more points and results posted.

It would be easy bench with me and easy to has many points.

Also matches the results of other Brazilians, better than Fabi's results (why?).

The only thing is that I share with her knowledge and after the birth of our daughter she has had very little time for Overclocking (unfortunately she can not always bench with me)


Benching together













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The difference in long time between the posts. It would not post a similar result, because it would harm my team. In a way, i must have me confused at the time of posting the result and i grab an image of an article that was writing about overclocking. I have um domain in my name: http://www.overmonthly.com, but due to lack of time, i have abandoned the project. I apologize to the whole community by my grave error and if the moderation think needed a punishment I will accept without any complaint.


Sorry for my bad English.


Joe90br(Jaime Luiz)

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I'll also want to know Honda.

We have 62 members on the team, and I never needed to investigate the results of my team members.

I hope you understood what I explained about the outcome of Fabi, and that if we really wanted to share results, it would be very easy to do because we live together and have a lot of hardware.

Then Fabi was not have only 7 simple results, but could have done many better results with her key validation and pink desktop area, with pictures and everything else that was necessary, but we do not do this, and she would be very angry if I think it does not is able to obtainher own results.

About the results of Joe90, I can not answer and I am very grateful to have informed it.

I'll try to contact him and to hear their explanations, and I will talk to explain it publicly here.

Hwbot is sovereign is to solve such problems and his decision should be accepted


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Like I said, I only know the results of my e Fabi because we live together.

I have a forum and post there too many results.

All my results are obtained in a proper way and all have validation link.

The decision Joe90 earn from Hwbot will be complied by the Team, but said I did not have proof and do not know how the results were posted, and even if the results are real or not (I have never seen these results and also never examined the results of others).

Joe90 is one of the few Brazilians who use LN2, and has competed out of our country, so it's up to him to explain the results.

From what I know, he can do his results alone, but if ever used photoshop, paint, or used overall result of other people or my own, I do not know.

My results can I ensure that I do with my work, and I can guarantee that Fabi makes it.

I can guarantee that is non sense to distribute results to people, just can cause trouble.


Best regards

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Rbuass teaches extreme overclocking in Brazil, and many students have attended his courses.

The person who most struggle for art of overclocking in our country.

Joe is one of the people who learned to overclock in his classes, and I can not believe that Joe needs to steal to get them.

The result of 3dm01 is indisputable and this must be explained.

I know that Joe is a good overclocker and I find it hard to believe that he who is knowledgeable and has components to work, did stole results.

I hope that justice is done, but I hope they do not use the fact that results are "similar" cause similarity as possible.


excuse the bad English.



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The first screen with same result was a grave error, I confused. The result with 3d mark 2006 was one big error, the punish for this is right. Ronaldo(Rbuass) or any other person never sharing results with me. I can't as to prove if I am right or wrong with my results. I don't have screens, validation links, etc, but I can explain anythings.


- Green lines in screen: I have many similar screens with green lines:

ex.: http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2197754_joe90br_wprime_32m_core_i7_2600k_4sec_327ms



- similar cpu in results: No, I have a good cpu too

ex.: http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2202958_joe90br_cpu_frequency_core_i7_2600k_5641.63_mhz


I had many "q3qp", these results was made myself.


- similar memory kit: No, Ihave a good kit too

ex.: http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2197977_joe90br_memory_clock_ddr3_sdram_1146.2_mhz


I know to use LN2 and I have knowledge to obtain these results!


I will aceept the Hwbot staff decision.

I never cheated to have my scores.

Apologize for any problem that i have caused.


Sorry for my bad English.


Joe90br(Jaime Luiz)

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Lets have some 2d fun shall we? Just looking at the team rankings is hilarious



A lot of es i5 670's and 56 2600k's floating around in Brazil huh.


Oh and http://hwbot.org/submission/2202712_joe90br_3dmark03_geforce_gtx_580_156136_marks for extra lulz.

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