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LN2 costs

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In Finland we still pay 8€/liter + dewar (5€/day). So take 60kg and pay 471€ for it :)




Yeah, we are the best, cause we pay more than others ..right?


It's a bad sign when it's cheaper to take all your gear, travel and bench in another country, than to bench in your own garage/shed/room :(

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i checked a bill back from 2007 where i paid 0,34 euro per litre.

dont know about now, but i think, it didnt change much.


haha. ive also looked on an old bill (linde gas) had paid ~25€ for 25l. bill was from 2010.

now the new price: 50€ for 25l. without an own dewar.

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For those with high prices, have you tried to negotiate better prices?


Depending on where I buy, and how I negotiate... a person can pay anywhere from 50 cents to several dollars a liter. There isn't a set price in their system for the LN2, so different people pay different amounts. I worked my way down to 50 cents a liter, and it helped getting to know the guys and explaining what I was doing - they know I don't make any money and I do it as a hobby. I expect the doctor's offices and mechanics buying it for their business pay 2 to 3 times as much as I do.


Just a thought, in case negotiating/begging/pleading may help others.

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I have a deal, it's just that the invoice wasn't according to that. Not that it'll become 50 cents cheap, but at least it'll reduce the costs with 30% or so.


Besides, the health and safety regulations in this country are immense. Even AGA (Linde) themselves think they sell bottled witchcraft that will kill everybody who comes in contact with it.

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This is how I pickup my LN2. It's an hour drive, and typically about 3 hours including fill/payment/BS time. Just got home with 80L, $.50/L... Bubba is in the background, he rides along and sleeps next to the dewar in the back.





You're a fool!

beautiful car ln2

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