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LN2 costs

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Not sure if we could offer some sort of advertizing in return? Maybe that helps.:)


A logo at the bottom of the country pages maybe? http://hwbot.org/league/oc?offset=-5&countryCode=GB HWbot recommended suppliers :)


Would make it a little easier for guys to find a good supplier to, UK guys were getting ripped off for a long time before finding Mansfield.

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I'm not sure exactly how we can advertise such a massive international company. They don't NEED to advertise, do they? Most people involved in cryogenics.... know who AGA/Linde/etc are.


Or will rival suppliers start advertising "our LN2 is 8% colder than our closest rivals?"


I mean this in jest. I don't think LN2 is the kinda thing that needs any kind of endorsement......

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the biggest problem that i had is not the price 1,5 euro/L is not bad but as cheaper as better

the biggest problem that i had is i need to take 1 of my 25 holidays each time i buy LN2 because i buy it also on a farm and there it is just posible in the morning monday to friday

and buying by linde 70euro/25L without shipping and 2,5euro per day for the dewar because they don't want to refill my own one


so good linde deal would be great

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From the looks of it, Linde might be the best option. I just don't know if there's a discount plan that covers all Linde Group distributors. I reckon every distri probably has their own plan.


Well, we'll just have to wait and see what the reply is.


This is my concern too. It would be important in this case to talk with somebody at Linde who can decide a lot, because this would be a strategic descision for them.

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20 USD to fill 10L, 35USD to fill 25L, i guess less to fill more. Dewar deposit is $65 no matter the size, except the 180L tank is $220 deposit.


Rental of dewar is $100 a month.


i only pay $35 to fill it, no deposit, no rental. They like me I guess.


I asked another place for a quote, guy wanted $200 deposit for 25L dewar, and wanted $40 for the Ln2, it odl him i could buy a dewar for $200. Of course you do get teh $200 back, but who knows with the guys out in the middle of nowhere.


The place i go to is only 45mins round trip without traffic, however its 3 hours in rush hour if i am lucky.


BTW i can get LHe, they have it on-site, but they told me I have to get teh big tank, and it has to delivered and its about $800 total.


With Ln2, i toss it into my car(well SUV) , don't need a truck to move around a 25L dewar, at least not in VA or maryland.

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6 USD liter ATM...

Is expensive...

Minimum salarium is about USD 300 per month...

Minimum salarium can buy 50 liters per month (and the guy can not buy food).



P.S> o good 30L dewar (MVE) is about 3000 USD.


WTH dude u have to find someone sponsor ur LN2, here we pay 5CHF = 5.20USD per lt but min salary is about 3000USD

now i can understand ur multiGpu discussion....

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seriously guys, hwbot cant care about low salary/high hardware/ln2 prices...


Actually, we do care about that. That's why:


- global rankings are split up in 1/2/3/4 categories

- points are based on weight (single gpu = more competition = more points)

- all leagues (except pro oc) are mostly based on hw points


But, there are limits to how we can organise the leagues of course.

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filling my 26l dewar will cost me no less than 150€ plus 2 hours round-trip, if i want to go and find Linde the closest one is about 450km so go figure out :D


putting into balance the house, fees, food , etc, 200€ or 300€ max is what i can save every month if i have no extra charge, then go waste half of that for an evening LN2 session when you find out the board or CPU has cold bug :D


LN2 is very expensive for me, that's why i only see it at Campus Party and such :(

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Good news and bad news.


Bad news: Linde doesn't seem to be an option, primarily because there does not seem to be a possibility to get a discount across countries (no way to pool LN2 usage to drive the prize down).

Good news: Air Products (http://www.airproducts.com/) did respond sort of positively.


So, now I'm going to gather the necessary data to check what the possibilities are. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for trying this.... even if no deal can be arranged. :)


The conversation I had sounded rather positive. I think the most important of this 'deal' is meeting the expected LN2 usage. Which means that people might have to commit to a specific deal (read: sign contract with minimum purchase)

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