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LN2 costs

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Uw reactie is vastgelegd. > Your response is recorded is what it means .. i also was hoping this is the bloody lotto :) anyways .. ln2 here is also pricey but freaking hell u guys pay allot !

I own my own dewars and pay R13.00 zar a litter around $1.6 US :)


lets hope hwbot gets this right :) would be fantastic

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WoW ... The prices is so high for you guys !!!

In Iran we pay about 0.31$ per liter , I have a 32L , 10L and 3L dewar (my own).I refill it by myself. It cost nothing for us !!! We even drink it , pour it on each others , play with it ...

But I have to mention that the dewars cost so much , like 32L=1000 $ in my location.


wow thats cheap a 25L here costs more than that 1000$ is like 7800 zar .. the 25L go for around 14000 zar just under 2k US

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Depends on region in austria (vienna ftw.) in my region you pay at least for 25L around 70Eur if u have much luck. Common i pay for the 35L around 170Eur (Linde).


for this i have to drive aprox 100km (both ways)

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Guest cowgut

I stopped using ln2 after every time i went to airgas in piscatway n.j it kept going up 1 us dollar for liter.

started at $2.25 when i brought my dewar and it went up in one year to $6.25

I found the tatooed girl there to be thinking she had a live one after the screw on charging me 200usd to fill up my 28l dewar which now sits dorment.

My good friend took over newark dri ice corp so i guess i will settle for 50lbs of dice for 20usd,that is if he even takes my money.

If i could get it $1.00 or even $2.00 per liter i would be swiming in it everyday that i could

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This is how I pickup my LN2. It's an hour drive, and typically about 3 hours including fill/payment/BS time. Just got home with 80L, $.50/L... Bubba is in the background, he rides along and sleeps next to the dewar in the back.




Upgraded LN2 hauler:



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I skipped the air and water stage of benchmarking, and my first purchase was a dewar... before I had any benching hardware. ;)


honestly that is the best way to do it, well maybe not for everyone, but anyone that has progressed from air to cold in any way has accumulated a bunch of crap that they ended up selling to fund the purchase of cold gear (dewars, thermometers, single stage, cascade, etc. . .)


I know I am guilty of the above, I am thinking about getting rid of all water gear and just keeping one air cooler for pretesting.

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1.25 USD per 1L with rent dewar and delivery ) Not cheap as my friend Nick.ua bought LN2 in 2009-2010 years(10 cent per 1l).

But not bad if compare with other big city in Ukraine. If you live in small city or village in our country probably you can't buy LN2 because it much expensive )))

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get this, i had a company in NZ quote me $19.5/litre


is that the most expensive LN2 you've ever heard of LMAO


yea that is the highest butt raping I have heard of, does LHe even cost that much?


I really wonder what the actual cost to large scales suppliers distributors because the gouging that goes on is unreal and the variance is shocking, could be a logistical issue, but I hardly see this.


I had the manager of an Airgas tell me that he "loses" about 5-10 liters to fill up my 25L dewar and that by the time he pays an employee xx amount an hour that he would not be making anything if he sold it for any less than $1.50 a liter even when I had three receipts from his company in different regions all for $0.50 a liter.


ahhh once again back to my point, douches:p

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0.72cents a liter from Praxair:)


Airgas wanted $6.25 a liter, douches

:mad: Today praxair quoted me ~$2 and airgas quoted me $4. Where the hell in the US do you guys live that you get it so low? If I could get it for <$1 I would fill it up every weekend and use 120L per month.

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