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How far would you travel for an OC event?


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... and how much would you pay?


Just a question that came to mind when checking out the posted for the Cambridge Big Freeze weekend.


Let's say, the set-up is as follows:


- one weekend

- unlimited ln2

- 50~100 overclockers attending

- pay own travel

- pay own food

- sleep on floor next to bench setup


How far would you travel and how much would you pay for the trip. Unrelated to anything HWBOT has planned whatsoever at all ... :P

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I'd do it if I knew a bit more in advance, cannot spend that sort of money on short notice as a student.


As for economy I'd spend ~300 Euro at max probably, on transport.

As for time in advance; I'd need 2 weeks notice, minimum


Distance; Dont care... I have even considered one in Kuala Lumpur...

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I paid around £200 on transport for Campus Party last year and that was just 5 of us in total (and the friends we made when we were there) For 50-100 overclockers I wanted to meet and there was gonna be actual benching, i'd be happy to pay more. I just need notice.


...though I prefer places without mental admission checks. E.G..... America.

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How far would i travel for an OC event?

-> go pretty much anywhere in the world. Max flight time set to 20 hours total tho. Stockholm-Taipei is about maximum.


How much would i pay for it?

-> max 300 euro's if it's really worth it. Usually that is what train tickets + preparation and random thing costs to join MOA.

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The further place i travelled for an OC event was Finland as well, i think it was around 350€ for flights, it was really worth the money though :)


For distance i wouldn't mind if it's really worth to, i'm considering to go Computex and the "cheapest" fligths are 30+ hours trip with stops, that's pretty insane, but i "have to go" one year :P

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I spent close to 1xxx$ for that asus event.


20 guys from all over the usa. some guys had to pay for airfares. some guys stayed @ jake's place. costly event.


meeting team.pure and team.oca and team.rog was well worth it.



I am still kicking myself for not coming out that weekend:(


back on topic, if I knew far enough in advance and it was not during seasonal work then whatever/whenever sounds good.

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