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What kind of max clocks others got on air? (More importantly, what then they can do with ln2 ;) )


Just got mine card yestarday and on air it can do only 1200MHz on core with 1.175v. More vcore wont help.

Maybe this one does even more with LN2 then, first i try cold water and later this month ln2 hopefully!

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Other drivers didnt help at all. 1180/1800 max or 1200/1700. (12.3 and 12.4 drivers tested so far)

Hopefully it scales even more with temperature. On those runs max temp was around 70c.


Petris ref card did only 1200MHz on air and ~1650MHz on LN2 if i remember right :)

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1250 / 1800 on full speed fan for 03


about what mine clocks to max on air, it is not as good as my reference Sapphire card which clocks to 1330/1875 on air and runs much cooler but I am sure the Lightning will be better under cold.


but man it is a pretty card, and so much quieter than the reference designed cooler.


what is the ASIC value on yours Splave?

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On 3/21/2012 at 1:20 PM, Leeghoofd said:

We asked the same at CeBIT Kenny... I think they have got loads of those in stock and just adapt them to the PCB and parts underneath it... I hope the pot mounting will go flawless...

I know this is an old post are folks able to mount pots o.k. on this thing? I'm a bit nervous to try it.

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