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Where are my (IVY)B(r)itch(ES) at? Or retail FTW?!


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I am tired of all this ES-madness...whatever "pro" you are - always keep in mind it will be RETAIL we (should) make competition (of any kind) with.


So I have cleaned my bench-place, ES-free and waiting for retail now...

My gf found some space for some easter decoration also ;)




You ask why this deserves a topic?


Wait until NDA fall...I will make a first conclusion about what "IVY" does mean for (extreme)overclockers then...





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rofl @ sof :D

b!tchin around on hwluxx because somebody released reseller prices and here you go with a beauty-pic of next gen cpus :D :D (no offence)


there are things that should not be public - specially when it comes to prices within' distribution channels.

I know that might sound a bit odd to end-users but imagine what the usual hw-stores now can make out of it...

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I can't stand it anymore - had to leak a first "impression"...


IVYINVADERS @AwardFabrik...


@dinos yes preeeetty sure - my grandmother is from poland, one of my grandpas left to england during WWII (a brave man, remember me to tell his story while having a beer ;) ) that is the farest point in my family-history I am aware of :P

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