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The official HWBOT Team Cup 2012 - SC3: "Memory Clock" thread.

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thats only here or cpu-z 1.61 is bugged and doesn't detect fsb and memory clock (using DDR2 and GA-P35-DS3 board)? 1.60 works great, only 1.61 bugged...lol




EDIT: found this (http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=185628&postcount=78) and now is all ok, let's start to bench :D

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why can´t they just let the last two versions of cpu-z validateable?

a team mate has already lost a 6,9 ghz result for his phenom II because they changed just a few days before the version and he couldn´t validate his files -.-

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Not entirely stupid. Rules are determined by the competition and you're not competing directly for hwbot rankings, you're competing in the "Team Cup". The "side effect" is that these scores also go into hwbot rankings.


Yeah, you're sacrificing some MHz because of the screenshot, but you can always continue and make a highest possible validation (on the edge) just outside of the competition. Don't see how the screenshot rule is an obstacle for that.

Just ease yourself and use one of the many lightweight screenshot captures, so you don't bother saving it with paint every time.

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