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SF3D OC Gathering Vol. X - N.U.D.E


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Massman have best sleeping skills! My kids are making the most annoying noises in the world and tv is shouting loud..he is just sleeping!

Weather is really crappy, so let's see how it will be on the evening. Well, there is no weather, that vodka can not fix!

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I'm back home from the event, thanks to Petri for organizing everything and nice to meet everyone, some new and some old faces.


I quickly tested maybe six 3770Ks with "2 cores, aircooling, low vcore" method and had 3 bad ones (+1,4V), 2 ok ones and 1 good one which I quickly tested under LN2.


So many things are wrong with these results, just ask Massman but someone had set the bar to others:


- Windows 7 OS

- No tweaks

- Low memory clocks and default settings

- 2 cores used in Spi1M


The CPU could do 4C/8T wPrime 32M @ 6400 MHz and 2C/2T Super PI 1M @ 6700 MHz with 1,86V and -184C full SF3D Inflection Point pot:









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