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BAD ASSrock!!!


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Hi all!


Long time no see, but it was time to come back for a while.

I try to make long story short, so some users won't get annoyed by this thread.


I have been gathering these parts long time and doing some pretesting.

Then I got opportunity to be home alone 2 weeks and that was my moment of truth.

Can I still make it and do I have enough motivation to spend sick amount of time with my setup.

I did find some motivation and nice hardware gave me lovely moments :D


I need to say, that benching just for yourself without the need of pleasing someone is really good.

I have bought this CPU with my own money and I have bought this memory kit from my friend,

who found it from the discount section of one shop. Motherboard came from ASRock, but that's all..rest you need to do yourself :D



*Intel Core i7 3770K binned and bought with good amount of money (Voltages from 1.94V up to 2V in 3D load. Yes 2V!)

*G.Skill PI series memory with PSC chips. Voltage 1,85V-1,92V depending on benchmark

*ASRock Z77 OC Formula with old basic bios (Works best with my memory kit)

*ASUS GTX 680 DC II Top, GTX 580 DC II Top, HD 7970 Matrix PE. MSI GTX 670 PE for 2D.

*Kingston HyperX SSD 120GB and some old HDD's.

*Cooler master benchtable (Works really well and does not take too much room)

*Corsair 1200W PSU and Cooler master 1500W PSU depengin on test.

*Win XP, Vista, Win7 32 to 64-bits

*SF3D OC Infelction point CPU pot

*SF3D OC Triple point memory pot



Some pictures from here and there:









Ok, I will gather the screenshots together and most of them have been seen already, but let's not worry about that.


So 2D first:


Superi 1M with not so good efficiency:



Pifast with same story



Wprime 32M and 1024M. Did not want to push these too much, so chip would not die.



Superpi 32M the second screenshot is the one I will remember long time :D



Need to rerun soon to get over it!


Then 3D:





Aquamark 3



3Dmark03 CF (Need to rerun with ln2 cards)



3Dmark05 singel and dual card







Others will follow later this months hopefully.



So, I am happy with the results and it was really nice to feel the same feeling as I felt years a go while benching.

I hope there will be happy moments with hardware in the future too :D


Now I will get back to my normal life and rankings can go as they like ;)


I hope you liked the scores!



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