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Relevant screenshot info:







One score breakdown is in the background of the other. That's the thing about re-running straight away... the info in the bench suites front panel doesn't update instantly.



I will let the mods take the appropriate action... I hope they do the right thing.


My only comment: disgrace.

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All is not as you think. Just me, a mistake was made when submitting results, video was really two. It was a lot of screenshots, but I accidentally poured the wrong one. I sent email to Massman, I hope he will understand and take action. This is just my mistake, I'm ready to be punished, but not so strict.

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WTF year for mistake? Are u really crazy? Then you better shoot or hang us!


This isn't the only set of results with similar conditions, we are scanning all results & profiles on your team. Don't be surprised if you see other sanctions being made. And just so you know, that kind of attitude will get you nowhere.


I'd really love to see HWbot's staff stepping up ( in this eternity plz ) and enforcing the rule for every single case, awarding the "cheaters" with a 6 month ban.


What makes you think we don't. I'm getting tired of hearing you rip on hwbot. We enforce all rules equally, we may just not get to them all at the same time. And btw someone caught cheating in this fashion is removed for a year, there has and will never be an exception.

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Where are the rules

"Important: general HWBOT rules updated

Since HWBOT does not tolerate the sale of benchmark scores, the act of both selling or buying benchmark scores and uploading them to this database is not allowed. In addition, we strongly believe that no overclocker who is involved in this kind of business should be allowed to be part of the community. Therefore HWBOT will remove any overclocker who buys and/or sells benchmark scores from the rankings and will give this user a lifetime ban.


Jul 19, 2010


Very light punishment

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I am really feeling ashamed, sorrow, hate, all sorts of emotions for being part of such a hobby and such a community, we all are here because we have that competitive spirit which made us jump on to SS/Dice/Cascade/LN2 to get on better score than others, but that does not entail cheating to satisfy ur false ego.......


I hope even if the cheating didnt happen on hwbot, still all concerned parties will be given some sort of punishment, not because you guyz are admins of a leaderboard, but I wud go on and say almost in charge of the hobby overclocking...And ur actions today might/will effect the future of this hobby.....

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