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der8auer - Pentium E2140 (1.6Ghz) @ 4352MHz - 13sec 531ms SuperPi - 1M


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The 500+ chips are frequency limited and not FSB limited. One E2180 does 480 FSB on air and 520 FSB on LN2 using x6 multi. Using x10 multi the max FSB is 505 (5050 MHz). I went up to 2,15 vCore which still scaled but above did not help. Temperature was about -145°C


One E2140 which does 500 FSB on air does 560 FSB with lowest multi but only 548 using the highest. PLL Voltage helped a bit to push further but it did not like temperatures below -75°C and vCore above 1,70 Volt so no chance to push the core freq higher.

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