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Fixed my Ln2 bios.



Card doing realllly well on memory, I'm gonna spend today testing how low I can get on volts for 9000 mhz effective (2250 mhz)





Slight bump in volts, 1550 core, mem 9108 mhz effective




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I'd say you need to look at asic but also how they clock on air, and then hope it scales on cold. I've had four galax ln2 and two did 1900mhz core on ln2, they had asic 66 and 73 and clocked to around 1500 mhz on stock cooler. One did 1800-something with asic 65 and clocked to 1470 on stock. The best did 2000mhz with asic 74 and 1500mhz on stock.

So it's hard to tell...asic can tell you a little bit but i think air oc tells more.


As for asus platinum I got two. One asic 79,x that does 1550 on stock. And one asic 66 that did 1500mhz. Of course i kept the asic 79 :) Looking forward to test it on ln2!

By the way both had samsung mems.

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Be interesting to see what happens on cold. Basic jist of it I've got from the net, low asic+decent air clock=win win.


Mine seems mediocre on air. 1410 was a no go on 11 at stock, +50 no problem but stopped there as os needs redone. Tempted to order up a couple more for curiosity. Have to say i'm very impressed with the build quality. Solid card!


You taking that card to sheff?

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Did the mods today. The cold throttling is a very small resistor and hard to desolder (for me at least). I suggest just use a good pair of tweezers to pull it off.


Anyway, what should the power consumption in GPU-Z read after shorting the power limit resistors? Mine reads about 20% idle at 1500MHz in "3D always mode". Around 62% at load. Seems high to me. I've had problems before getting the solder to stick on the power limit resistors. They are slippery :) Just wondering if I need to resolder...

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