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My PCMark 05 scores #1/#2 have been blocked because


insufficient verification for rankings (Please provide validation link Suspicious cause you test various systems but only in several cases you use such fast HDD subsystem)

I don't know why my score should be suspicious, just because I started benching with my two SSD's that came to me out of rma?? Edited by hydrotoxin
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Hi ;)


Some time ago I benched 7600gs and 7600gs SLI with my E8500 (~5,3 GHz). All scores of the Session have been flagged... Reason: Subtest Scores missung...

So jmke checked the 2001 Scores and wrote "not suspicious" - valid.

but what about the other ones ? It was very difficult to get these scores, i even damaged one of the cards...

THX for watching and moderating the results...







greetz theLamer

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  • Crew

please correct :)


Hello Turrican

thank you for the creation of a category X1300XT-DDR3 but in the category X13300XT-DDR2 few scores have already been reported and I can not do again

Could you change these scores in the category-DDR3










Thank you very much

best regards

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this user takes the wrong time..




it´s 19.39s and not 15.95s




this result is still wrong - i wanted to use the report function but it is not possible - the result has been moderated by hwbot crew...

But the total computation time is not 17.34s - it is 21.06s - or i am wrong?


Regards Afrokalle

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OK sorry - i see only the wrong result with 17.34s and first place..

Maybe there´s a little problem with the refresh of the scores


I see still this ranking:




and the user on the first place hasn´t this time - when you only look at his clocks you´ll see that this isn´t possible..



Edited by Afrokalle
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