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* 3rd Annual Summer Party in PA *

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On 5/4/2018 at 10:36 AM, funsoul said:

Yeah...it's just a convenience and partying thing. There are quite a few folks who either live nearby or stay at other places.

Agreed, i would think its much more convenient staying at the venue site. These things usually end up being a long hours type of thing. Its nice to have a room close by for storing gear or just taking a break. Getting gear into venue is usually the biggest pita about the whole thing, last year at least. I drove about an hour back and forth, save one night the first year, and just wish i would have stayed the entire time.

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Hi yosarianilives!

This is an ok place but I'd suggest that you also post a wanted ad in the marketplace. If they're coming to the party, that'd be great otherwise they could ship it to you. Hopefully you'll find one so you're ready to roll after the party!

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I'll be coming as well.  Going to be staying with that @yosarianilives guy, hopefully he's not a psycho or anything xD

Nick : Niobium
(Still waiting on a name change request, not like the bot has been busy recently or anything ;))
Profile : http://hwbot.org/user/niobium615 
Team : /r/overclocking


Do we need to bring an empty dewar to run LN2, or is that all sorted?

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I hope to make the party this year. If I submit enough scores will I be moved up to Extreme League. The best I can do is with DICE and will not be able to match the speeds/scores from the LN2. When the party is over do I request to be bumped back down to Apprentice League. This is if I submit enough scores with LN2 to be moved up :)

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11 hours ago, funsoul said:

1 month to go!!! :) Anyone still need rooms?

New poster :)



super stoked  cant wait was just talking to wife about how its 1 month away she said I hate to see you the last week of the trip the way I am right now about getting everything ready lol I made a check list to try and make sure I dont forget nothing lol

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Down to 1 month, trying to get the attendee list together.

funsoul + 1/+4
steponz + 1
Wiggles +N

Would love if more of you can make it. :) Should be another great time!

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