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The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR2 stage thread:


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  • Crew

Start date will be the 5th of August till the 31st of October.

Verification rules will be expanded versus the regular standard offical HWBot rules:

  • CPU-Z tabs for CPU, Mainboard and Memory (+SPD for the memory stage)
  • Verification Screenshots are always full screen, no removal of taskbar, no clipping,...
  • Retail hardware only (also for motherboards)
  • No S771 to 775 adapters
  • Competition Background must be visible
  • To avoid the drama of last year, picture(s) of the RUNNING OC setup has to be added with each submission
  • For all 3DMark benchmarks the latest Systeminfo has to be installed (have verification files at hand)
  • Only single core GPUs are allowed!!
  • If required don't forget to add the appropriate verification link!
  • List the cpu type/speed/cooling used, motherboard brand/type, Memory/speed and GPU brand/type/clocks in the submission

Competion page here: http://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2018_ddr2/

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Stage 2 - Wolfdale-3M means C2D E7xxx series only, or something else too? Like Pentium E5xxx, which are also using this exact die but with only 2MB of cache active.

Stage 9 (and also others which are done the same way) - "single server CPU allowed" .... means only Xeon / Opteron is allowed, or C2D / Phenom / etc can be used as well?

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@Leeghoofd Do you allow the Athlon II X4 645 in the CB11.5 stage? HWBot lists it as Zosma:


... but CPU-Z actually identifies it as Thuban:


I think this is an error in CPU-Z since only native 6-cores are Thuban but we'd like to clear it with you anyway since Thuban is strictly disallowed in this stage.

Edit: Athlon II X4 640 (Zosma) has a the same issue.

Edited by unityofsaints
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48 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

XII 645T is Zosma and  XII 645 is Propus core as listed at CPU world... no idea which hwbot version you are running.

Check codename for your subs with latest 1.86 CPU-Z version plz and pm me if it still lists Thuban

There are 4 chips on total in the Athlon II 64* lineup on socket AM2, here are the CPU World links:

Athlon II x4 645 (rev. E0) -> Zosma

Athlon II x4 645 -> Propus

Athlon II x4 640 (rev. E0) -> Zosma

Athlon II x4 640 -> Propus

Only the Zosma chips are unlockable and they are also the ones which misreport as Thuban in CPU-Z. The "T" at end of the name seems to be a CPU-Z invention for the Zosma cores, I haven't seen a reference to it anywhere else except on HWBot, which probably got it from CPU-Z ?. I don't have any of these chips in hand at the moment but will send you a validation once I do, tbh I doubt CPU-Z developers have fixed this.

Edit: The much more popular 960T BE also has the same issue. I'll validate it on 1.86 in a couple of hours and add the screenshot here.

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  • Crew

We already had a discussion before and in the end, I changed the name to whats written on CPU World. Im not very happy with that though as CPU-Z doesnt detect them properly and users now will have a hard time to find the exact category.

But I really wonder what this stage is all about. If its planed as quad core competition, unlocked Zosma will destroy this. 

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On 8/18/2018 at 1:52 AM, Leeghoofd said:

The idea was too see if somone would think of using these unlockable CPUs... too bad someone already thought about it from day one... secondly I wanted to differentiate a bit from the E8xxx series and popular binned CPUs most teams have...

You can't expect r/oc to not try to come up with the optimal hw for every stage before anyone else. This is no different than the 5775c and 6900k of yesteryear for me ?

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