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Multiple submissions from same benchmark showing up and awarding points to single user

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I was poking around the other day, and I noticed an issue where multiple submissions for the same user and same benchmark (and same CPU) would show up multiple times in the rankings. I have (at least) one instance of it myself in the Core i3 8100 Cinebench R15 scores, where both of my submissions (615 and 621) show up. I appear to be getting hardware points for both submissions (only a half a point each), where I assume it's supposed to give points only on the best result.

The bigger offender that I saw was the Core i3 8100 XTU rankings, where one of the users (claudiohonio) has 14 of the top 21 results, each awarding hardware points (9.1 to 16.7 points each), and also giving him the silver and bronze cups and both the 4th and 5th place medals. Taking a look through his other submissions, mainly XTU, it appears this is happening in the Core i7 8550U, Core i7 7500U, and i3 5005U XTU results, among others. In his top 40 hardware points, five of the Core i7 7500U scores, three of the Core i3 5005U scores, and another couple duplicates are all being counted towards the hardware points for the league ranking.

I'm not trying to single out that one user, but I just happened to notice the i3-8100 XTU rankings and figure it could be a system-wide bug that could allow for points padding by effectively submitting multiple top (similar) results for a particular benchmark, boosting the number of submissions, which would cause more points to be awarded, all to the same user. Or, the issue might have been fixed, and these sorts of results wouldn't have been resolved.

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Doesn't appear to have done anything, unless the recalculations usually take longer than a few minutes. I think I had tried the recalculation before I had posted previously as well.



I'm still seeing my duplicate on R15, and the many duplicates on XTU.

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if you have more than one score, individually do  recalculation of the submissions with lesser score will make the score 0 even though they may appear to have more subs(duplication)  but only top score gets points.( at least you will not have multiple points for the same bench and different scores)  attached an example. one sub gives 16.2 and other 0.


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well, you can t go manually and delete the sub... I mean you can, but it will appear all the time, and there is no way to control it.
plus, if for some reason the top score gets moderated, there will not be a second score in the database and will have to be re-+entered.

recalc the sub may put its score to 0 but will not remove it (hence ranking and medals are wrong).

Hitting the Recalculate Points button does not seem to work all the time. A recent example here with Nik's dual sub:


for my teammates, i go check and recalc/delete the extra score, but there should be a way to find what is happening? it didn t happen in rev 6 didn t it ?

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On 10/30/2018 at 1:12 AM, Leeghoofd said:

I deleted the other sub

That's not a solution. I would still want to access some of my older scores for comparison purposes, e.g. a 5G, 4G, competition score which all got bested by e.g. a 6.8GHz score. It had worked this way before.

What if a certain score is linked in a thread? You delete it to "fix" a flaw in the code and it's gone - link doesn't work anymore.

What happens if it is a past competition score?

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I agree with infrar.ed, we should not delete the old score. I currently do it only for my mates when they just improve a score within a few days/weeks, so the ranking gets ok

similarly, I would like to have the older/weaker scores kept as well

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