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PCMark05 , keep or remove from hwbot.


Keep , remove or update the Rules of PCMark05  

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  1. 1. Keep , remove or update the Rules of PCMark05

    • Keep PCMark05 and the Rules as it is.
    • Keep PCMark05 but make new , improved up to date Rules, whats allowed and whats not.
    • Keep PCMark05 update the Rules as anything and everything goes and remove the 220xp start up cap
    • Remove PCMark05 from hwbot.

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Wow... this thread has been fantastic for picking up 'tweaks'. I didn't know that pcmark 05 was so sensitive to 'software tuning'. I've been playing it honest all along and have been pretty happy about how my scores stcked up.


Its pretty easy to see what high end hardware can do (plus some overclocking) and I do appreciate the validity of 'registry tweaks' and 'software tuning'.... Its easy to tell if somebody is way off the score that good hardware can achieve. I say we ask (require) complete hardware details (raid card, ssd names etc) and lift the 220 ban.



ps - Look at the scores I just posted with my old 965 at stock clocks, using all the 'tuning tips' I picked up from this thread (well, most of them anyway). Blows away the scores of most honest 965 o/cs on DICE and LN2... if we are going to allow these tweaks, we should lift the 220 limit... still, ramdisks are not standard storage, so they shouldn't be allowed, but there are many standard storage arrays that blow away the 220 limit. My 2 cents.

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Wow... this thread has been fantastic for picking up 'tweaks'. I didn't know that pcmark 05 was so sensitive to 'software tuning'.


Not too shocking. PCMark series has always been part hardware benchmark, part Windows OS benchmark - it runs a lot of Windows component code for workloads.


Tamper with Windows and yes, the results can change a lot. It is really up to you what you think is "okay tweaking" and what is "cheating" in this context.


(ultimate PCMark 05 tuning: Write your own Windows API compatible OS optimized for running PCMark 05! :D )

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Anyone have tips on 50-60+ web page rendering score? I have only found one in the 50's and one in the 60's so far submitted here, while a good number of strong scores end up in the 40's on sandybridge. I've read the popular IE tips, like those mentioned earlier in this thread - anything special out there?

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So I was informed the web page rendering tweak is using chrome, and its permitted now - the rules didn't seem clear on this in my reading I thought IE was only permitted.


Chrome is my default browser, and PCMark05 won't launch anything other than IE. Tried replaceing the folder and renaming chrome to iexplore.exe, but then the web page rendering test just fails. My google-fu is failing me, so if anyone wants to share a tip that would be great.

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My teammates corrected me, and I just reread this thread and realize that alternative browsers are still not allowed per the rules/statements made by Massman.


I'm not worried about which way the rules go - I'll do whatever the rules say we can do. Right now the rules say IE only, but it seems suspicious the highest score ever in pcmark05 has a web rendering score 10-20 pages/s higher than anyone else:



Youngpro demonstrated how to hit 60 in web page rendering here, by using a different web browser:


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I'm guessing there's pretty big tweaks even within IE9, because C2D web page scores range from 23 to 45 and there is nothing like 100% difference in the clockspeeds :P


With basic IE9, I hit 19 pages :D



E8400 @ 5400MHz, 23.5 pages: http://hwbot.org/submission/2213561_mtech_pcmark_2005_core_2_e8400_%283.0ghz%29_34701_marks


E8600 @ 4650MHz, 26.4 pages: http://hwbot.org/submission/2232799_blindfitter_pcmark_2005_core_2_e8600_%283.33ghz%29_30664_marks


E8600 @ 6050MHz, 44.9 pages: http://hwbot.org/submission/2232179_mtech_pcmark_2005_core_2_e8600_%283.33ghz%29_39435_marks



Still a massive difference in the understanding of this bench :)

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Have you tried upgrading to IE9?


IIRC, that's the fastest browser for PCMark.


Ya, it is in my testing, but I haven't tested other browsers. But running IE9 and tweaking its settings isn't exactly a nuclear secret dude. :) People have been around the block with using and tweaking it... Including myself on W764, vista64, and server 08 r2 in the past couple weeks.


Submitting a 1st place WR on PCMark05, including a subtest which is wildly out of order with anyone else in the top 20, on a subtest with known exploits.


Why are you asking me questions rather than him? Give him the Gluvocio special! :)


@K404: With IE9 and basic tweaks 20-30 pages/sec is especially common. This is me with ie9, disabled addons, disabled security, etc: http://hwbot.org/image/697138.jpg The best scores are grouped in the 40's mostly. There is literally only 1 person in the 50's on this subtest, and 1 person in the 60's. The person in the 50's was running a 5.2GHz Sandybridge. The person in the 60's was using a 5.7GHz sandybridge.

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Sooner or later , more something else will come up for sure in terms of tweaking ...


How about making a wrapper like unigine and AM3 for pcmark05 or pcm7 ???


Yeah. I reckon it might be just time to let this one go.


What would this wrapper have to do exactly?

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