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One of the reasons why we can organize something like Country Cup or OC Challenges is due to the partners. None of the partners have any say on the set-up of any of the CC/HOC competitions: not on hardware, not on benchmarks, not on duration, not on timeframe and so on. I think it's good, since it gives everyone the opportunity to use whatever he likes.


We're currently putting together a team-based version of the Country Cup. It's pretty similar from set-up but should be longer both in terms of overall timeframe (multiple months) and stage timeframe (more time for each stage). I was wondering how you guys felt about putting a vendor limitation one of the stages of that type of competition.


Note: we (=hwbot) would still be making ALL the decisions regarding benchmark, hardware and timeframe. So, it's not like we'd allow GBT or MSI to have everyone buy their most expensive board for a stage. It would be more something like, ehrm, limiting the CC11 IGP stage to GIGA or MSI boards. The underlying idea being to get the partners involved in OC comps that don't revolve around vendor-only WR attemps.


Feel free to express how you feel about this, but please with argumentation. I know it's easy to shout "hell no", but I'd like to know why you don't want it. Again, the idea is NOT to have the entire competition limited to brands, but just one or two stages, AND that the vendor limitation would not force competing teams to make huge investments to join the stage. No vendor would have any decision-making power; just the ability to see their products being used in a comp.


And no, we don't lose funding if you scream no ... :P

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you can always divide countries..


multi gpu runs for maximum points... thats so unfair. there is no pride in that. massman even had a placeholder. yey shtt


again a competition is fun if everybody or most have chances..


i'm very impressed with the bulgarian team. beating us to bits lol. everybody had semprons..which is fun


look at the december cup. everybody competed and had the same chance of beating other teams. unfortunately i focused on the country cup.. decreasing my time for that nice yum yum wprime32 quick less than a minute benchmark


again hw selection for competition is vital for having a good competition.

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  • Crew

divide countries ? what are you talking about... ?


It's all about organising and getting people to work together...


FYI Massman and I continued to bench on LN2 with the FX8150... if we had done one run at 6.9 we would have easily nailed 20K with the 4 cards on air... efficiency was über... But we didn't do a full run nor would have submitted as people like you would flame about the lended cards... and FYI our own GTX580 cards do better clocks on the rams then them Extreme models...

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I think that is the entire point. If the Country Cup is about which country has the greatest overclockers in the world, the format does not lend itself to proving that. All that it does is prove which country is best at "organising and getting people to work together" and some countries have distinct advantage based on geographic size or densely populated areas.


Does one country using the exact same set of RAM for each of the five scores prove they are the best memory clockers on the planet or that they are the best at getting five guys with DDR3 boards together in a room with one/two guys who knows how to best take advantage of it?


Like I posted earlier if the point is comradery and working together then the later is what the Country Cup is about. I'm fine with it and look jealously on because of the inability to do such things here in Canada (this year anyway). I do wish HWBOT would have a country competition that focused on overclocking a wide variety of benchmarks/platforms that was setup to avoid hardware sharing within a county. Is that possible? Who knows but that is why the HWBOT has staff..... :P

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I have a question :D I just realised I don't really understand competition points.


Based on this:



As this is an official level 1 competition, competitors will receive points for the final ranking as following:


First place: 10 points

Second place: 8 points

Third place: 6 points

Fourth place: 4 points

Fifth place: 2 points



Is that for each stage of the competition or the final ranking at the end?


Who on each team gets the points?

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Not even a write up or anything on the hwbot team cup that finished in August! Sent out prizes but nothing else. Got beat in a Geforce stage by someone who cheated.


My thoughts are, "be very quite, let's just sweep it all under the rug and hope everyone forgets"!


Competitions have become a joke!

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Have reported the 'cheated score' ?


And yes, I always like to add a little comedy to the work I do.


You Banned him already. I will not post the name here because I feel it is improper. The results still stand without any writeup.




Geforce 7 series points do reflect the ban! Team points do not! Other teams should have moved up significantly as this user had a lot of the high scores.


Like I said, Sweep it under the rug and hope everyone forgets about it!

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