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Computex 2012: Who Is Going? Are there OC events?


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So can I use Corsair modules to break WR at G.Skill party?


Will Corsair finally manufacture some real high end dimms again ? Vengeance kits ran at 2600Mhz at the Tones OC event with tighter timings, then we could achieve with the GTX8s, sigh....

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I'll be in Taiwan for Computx again (number 8 I think). Staying over by'ish the computer market an will be in town until the 13th. Sadly the show will be all work for me but i'm always up for a meetup. (assuming there isn't an afterparty to attend ;))

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Me and James + vendors rep will use 4 different boards 4 days full benching, asus,gbt,msi,evga

We will have two good Japanese friends there with us this year and one guy from Singapore.



I have asus and gbt here and can say they are both are great on memory clock.

Will try msi and evga board next week and if get time before computex prepare a nice memory ivy testing on all boards, simple test with different memory ics ( Samsung,hynix,psc,bbse) no hypers caz they are really bad on ivy ( 24xx ).



See u there all guys lets meet up in GSkill booth.

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Anyone of you overclockers up for a trip to the beach on the 9th or 10th? Kingpin is a self-proclaimed master of the "route to the beach" and knows a "good spot", so I'm pretty confident it'll be very good :D.


Just drop a post if you're in. So far:


- Dinos22

- Kingpin

- Massman

- Redmax

- Saaya

- Smoke

- Youngpro

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