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Computex 2012: Who Is Going? Are there OC events?


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Let's have a similar thread for Computex like we have for CeBIT. Maybe it will be easier to figure out cheap hotels or so :).




- AndreYang

- Benny Lodewijk

- Blue_storm

- Booj

- Cpt.Planet

- Dinos22

- Duck

- Elmor

- Fredyama

- Gorillakos

- Grumpy1377

- Hazzan

- Hicookie

- Hiwa

- Kingpin

- Massman

- Neo

- NuclearFlow

- Pro

- Redmax

- Trouffman

- Saaya

- Shamino

- Sofos1990

- Smoke

- Tin

- Zolkorn


OC Shows:


- Gskill: all week by Hiwa/Pro + Shamino/Dinos22/Kingpin/elmor (confirmed)

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I'm there. I already booked flights and accommodation hah


I've booked at this place http://www.at-boutique-hotel.com/at-boutique/Dispatch.do?def=page.primaryLayoutEn


Cost about 23000 Taiwan dollars for 6 nights and its located directly across the road from the Trade center and the Tavern (the guys at MOA last year would know all about that :D)


Friendly neighbourhood exchange rate:


£500/ $780/ 595 euros :)

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Yeah... Btw, if you need an extra dose of overpriced mayo, I'll be in Grandstand Gold 3 at Spa from 30/8-2/9. In case you're wondering where you'll find me that weekend.


Not sure how I ended up on the attendance list, but yeah... I hope to go, for sure. Not counting on it though.


Just realized ... Spa is not at Computex. :P

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