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I feel so blessed - Touched a Kingston 2800 stick!


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'Sup boys and girls,


So, I went to this small Kingston event in Antwerp last week. Not too big, just one LN2 setup featuring JB (Marmott) and Adrien from Kingston. Can't recall the results, but it wasn't super-spectacular anyway. Free food, so I was happy.


Also ...


I was allowed to touch one of the three DDR3-2800 kits in Europe!! :nana::nana:




Obviously I feel so incredibly blessed and happy about that :D:D




Here's Marmott doing his magic too:




All in all a nice evening. Free food was delicicicious. :celebration:

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what's the point in showing memory you can't buy?


it's like they're trying to say "Look, after two years of HyperX failing 2000+ specs, we have finally learned to bin ICs and we will therefore now put the best ones on special non-retail kits which we will distribute between our most die hard asslickers, so that retail users, who make most of our profit, get fucked up by not being able to repeat these results, hahahaha".

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Kingston has very tight allocation from what i can see with these sticks, hopefully binning improves with all manufactuers but they have to be mindful that CAS11 is SHIT, we need tight and high clocking CAS10 even if its binned at 1.8v!

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Because you can? :P




Not the 2800 ones. The 2666 sku will be retail.


hmm thats strange I will talk to my US contact, maybe different on your side of the pond :)





Edit: those are 2800C12 BTW... so yes they are way loose to run 2800.


I am hoping better IC soon to see much tighter timing with high speed.


but many IC I have seen on present stick love to push frequency but do not want to budge much on tightening up :(

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