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Hardware sharing...new accounts, new team? Are these people noobs, aliases, can't read, what???


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Continued from the Edison.Chan LOLWTFBBQ use a calculator result thread:


First off, was this Extreme Player team supposed to be created simply to fill spots in this contest?


Second off, is it that hard to give 3 guys three machines, ASRock? Or did you not supply, and the three of them figured they could only afford one system?

If so, why would the other two of them care outside which ever one were to submit results?


Third, if ASRock was not involved, why was this team created out of the blue, with 3 members that are new, but obviously know exactly what they were doing?


Shame on whoever is responsible...


"One does not simply


Look at 2 others and share 1 system's best results throughout benchmarks"



Edison.Chan's result here was a part of several results in the ASRock Z77 challenge that look shady. His was the only one that didn't add up though, however others were sharing parts and nothing happened:

http://hwbot.org/user/extreme_player_duanln/ (Now banned)




They all entered the contest with the same hardware and slightly different clocks, even bothered to upload pics of the same system but slightly different angles.


Look at pics:





Note that second/third ones I list were uploaded back to back









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First guy got a pretty automatic ban for score not matching the subtests.


Second and third guys are near impossible to prove, they might have just used different cards during a group session, which is allowed.

Same pot.

Same pot insulation wrapping.

Same USB drive in same slot...

GPU PCB has same 38mm fan on front and other fan on back

Fans hung on CPU pot, that are in exactly the same orientation and same models...

In 2nd/3rd ones, GPU PCI-E cables even arc the exact same way, with zip tie in same spot between the cables.

Blue towel stuff in 2nd/3rd under front of GPU is stuffed in exactly the same way. This is even more clear from 1st pic to 3rd...more similar angle, it takes the same shape in both pics

Paper in the top to make the cone in each GPU pot is oriented exactly the same throughout all 3 images.

There is masking tape clearly visible in the exact same spots on all 3 pics...look at airflow/PCI bracket on 1st / 3rd. The same strip is over the exhaust holes in the exact same configuration



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Anyone notice the wprime subs on the other two guys? (the non banned ones) Their first pifast subs look a little suspcious too, but I say that given the very stark similarities in the wprime subs...


http://hwbot.org/image/840171.jpg http://hwbot.org/submission/2313758_


http://hwbot.org/image/839466.jpg http://hwbot.org/submission/2313286_


Something is rotten in the state of Turkmenistan...

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Rotten in China you say? Or in the comp?

I don't get it... all what happens since a few days make me fear of something... paranoia's rising dangerously!

Please don't that it heart. I just like paraphrasing Shakespeare whenever I can. But yes, China is the wrong word for it. I was going to say Denmark, as that is the quote, but was afraid Beier would come in and start ranting about it... :rolleyes:

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I think this is hilarious... Probably planned a benching party that nobody showed up to so he made up a few new friends and went at'er...


even looking at the WP subs, the screenies and system pics are the same.. 1 min apart... looks like 2 separate attempts back to back with a software tweak in between... what a noob



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Not sure if HWBOT staff just takes many days to make decisions, or is really trying to protect innocence here...

Quite possibly hardware pics are a mistake, and that they are different machines, but screens show same OS in a few cases, the other two are related obviously to guy who shopped 01 score without calculator, etc...


Like Sam said, looks way too obvious...looks more than John Lam obvious...



On top of this, I have my own personal suspicions they are not even real people...

There are many possibilities too brewing in my head...keep in mind these are not accusations but more "what ifs"...

That these are alias accounts for other people...

Or maybe ASRock needed people to cheat so the people made new accounts knowing they might get caught...

ASRock needed competition filler and these accounts don't mean anything outside the one competition...

Etc. etc.


These people (person?) have all the hardware and skills necessary to bench competitively, even do little things like tape up board, eraser, stuff insulation...they have a set way of doing things, but the accounts were formed at competition start.


I know if I made a new alias account, and people recognized my house from my other pics, or the way I insulate, my fans, hardware, bench place, etc I would be in a lot of trouble...

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noone's trying to protect anyone, it's just that people with access to the ban button have not yet read the topic on this case in the staff zone

Okay, thanks :)

On top of banning/investigating these specific accounts, will there be any further investigation?


Just the idea of it all is sketchy, I'm not blaming or accusing any real person of doing anything but I do wonder why such things happened the way they did in regards to these accounts, the contest and the obvious knowledge of the people that participated using said accounts...

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