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RAPTOR3 is the result of over a half year of testing, optimization and development in cooperation with German engineers. We completely revised the structure to create the best GPU pot available.

Thin arms allow a very fast cool-down while the structure in the middle reduces temperature ups and downs for the best temperature control.

Additional slots at the bottom of the pot dispense the LN2 to all four chambers and reduce the bubbling significantly.

A black anodized aluminium plate at the bottom in combination with the nickle-plated copper perfects the design.


The new stainless steel mounting system will give you the maximum contact pressure and using the stainless steel backplate you don't risk to damage your GPU by bending the PCB.


And to protect my work:


Patent pending! :D























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I already sold 5 within 2 days so this is not true ;)


This pot is taking a very long time to manufacture that's why there is such a high price. Also I'm putting a lot of work into my pots and I'm not willing to gift them away. You buy such a high quality product once and can use it for many years where as you buy 10 x CPUs for binning every year.

That doesn't make sense ;) Of course you can also buy a cheaper pot which only contains a 4-holes structure. The choice is yours. If you want quality - you have to pay for it.


The design is patented for a very simple reason. Here in Germany everybody could patent this design. Means you could use my pictures to get a patent and say it would be your product. The result is that I would not be allowed to sell my own products anymore.

Therefore I need a patent to protect myself.




I will also offer cheaper pots in future. Still this will stay the absolute high-end-product ;)

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@ Xtreme Addict: Thanks a lot :)


@ jurek: That would lower the price by like 3 EUR :D The deep, 10mm wide structure is the biggest problem here. If you create a simple pot with 4 holes it will take 2 minutes to drill them and you're done. This structure takes about 25 minutes on a expensive machine. Also the aluminium bottom part is expensive for such a small thing because it's laser-cut, machined to get a perfect surrounding and brushed for a good look. Afterwards a black anodizing.





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