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Haswell 4670K/4770K Batch and Serial Numbers


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All Batch L308B202


Uncore -- max takt 1m bei 1.9V -- Cinebench


3900 -- 5,9

4200 -- 5,8

4500 -- 6,0

5000 -- 6,1

5400 -- 6,2 -- 5,7 (1,85V)

5600 -- 6,2 -- 5,8 (1,75V)


So basically, the better the uncore --> the better the chip? Or do you think the correlation is the opposite (better chip --> better uncore)?

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Testing on M6E all Malasia Chips. All Retails

Batch #



L312B329 - tested on cascade at -115 idle @ -108c full load

2 pieces , one maxed out at 5756Mhz 1.78v. core 4C HT On ( No CB or CBB ) , the other one maxed out at 6005Mhz 1.82v.core 4c HT On ( No CB or CBB ) ( but i hurt the IMC and is wounded running Sammies at 2600+ cas 9 @ 2.05v mem and, cpu 1.82v almost dead , boots sometimes at stock settings , sometimes i get code 55 at stock settings no boot. Bad Batch lol , Lemon cpus.


L312B208 - 2 pieces , tested on Cascade and this batch have cold bug at -115c on cascade both cpus , it wont boot into windows , it would not enter bios :( ,it wont do nothing unless on stock cooling , not a good sign. To my friend L0ud sil3nc3 who asked me earlier about cold bug , yes there are batches of cpus with cold bug my friend i have just find out, avoid L312B208 like a plague. We better wait for Costa Rica Chips. Very weird cpus , so much variation on voltage and cooling.


All chips tested using cinebench 11.5

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