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Haswell 4670K/4770K Batch and Serial Numbers


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i tried L312B376 and was terrible, seems only loud silence had any luck with 312, the rest of us sucks


NederNakker has the same batch. It did about 5500 superpi on SS afaik.

On LN2 with limited voltage options(1.8v) 6.1GHz Superpi. I believe 6200 is also reachable.

This was on the gigabyte Z87X-OC with bios F5d. Still needs to be tested with B10.

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2x 310B488


one does 1.38v ish 32m

other not sure but above 1.4v 32m


very odd behavior tho. im still new to these cpu's. got to 3200 mhz memory in bios not sure what is considered good.


what ring volts and VCIN u guys at for 1.4v?


and the cpu will idle on 30c, then shoot to 60c+ JUST on 1m. whaaaa

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So far Haswell is definitely underwhelming (unless of course you own a good ES CPU)


3 retails now tested - cold bug on best cpu -110 (grrr) and the others -120 and -125 ish


&^%$ overclocking potential - so unless you are looking for some to win the low clock superpi challenge or pure mem clocking - why the ^&%$ would you bother!!

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2133 here for retail 4770 on Z87X-OC, no gear ratios, can't believe Intel limits us that hard


"K" cpus have one advantage for me... I mean it's really much more easy to sell cpus after binning. I remember C2D E8xxx, i7 9xx (Bloomfield). For instance it was very hard to sell E8500-E8600 cpu, the same with i7 940, 950, 960... everyone wanted to buy "cheap" E8200-E8400 chip or i7 920... and binning low multi chips wasn't so good for LN2 (I mean total highend). Now it's good, I order only 1-2 models of each generations (like 2500K, 2600K, 3570K, 3770K, 4670K, 4770K, 3930K, 3960X) and there is a demand for those cpus cause normal cpus are lemons, for 24/7 non oc use only for simple users, and those rarely build their own computers from parts now.

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Xtreme Addict, yes E8500, E8600 were hard to sell, but the cheaper E8200, E8400 to go back in the past E2140(100%) oc, these cheap cpu's inspired this madness of overclocking into many of these great overclockers of today.

Also to reduce the memory ratios to 2133 when all Z87MB have up to 2800memory suported it's a nonsens.

There are cheap 110-120$ Asrock Z87 mb. There are so many cheap 2400 80-100$ memory kits, by default.


May be even some workstation(non k CPU'S) could benefit from 2666 memory even if not so much.


Anyway you put it's an ofense to consumators.

BCLK ratios, mem dividers, are all cut, DISABLED even if they are naturaly supported.

And it's not like they give you the cpu at half price, it's just 20-30$ cheaper.


And also even the K' are not complete Cpu's, they have disabled two instruction, VT-d, Intel® TSX-NI, so anyone who uses these also is in disavantage with K' cpu-s these instruction are available only on non K.



And for non K Cpu's it's a big step down compared with IB non K


So SB/IB non K had unlocked 4 bins above max TURBO, so 400Mhz more, and unlocked memory, 2600-2666 worked in generaly.

Haswell - no more 400Mhz above turbo, 2133Mhz max memory, so it's clear more or less equal with IB + some 400Mhz oc and higher memory oc.


Did anyone see a reasons for someone who has IB non k to upgrade to Haswell non K - There i none.

You can't even have fun with a 4GHZ low 32M challange, you can test the motheboard or the memory(max frecuency) with a non K cpu.

So guys at RMA should have now for testing a 2400Mhz memory kit, an K cpu instead of cheapest i5 cpu with unlocked memory?

It's just lame from AMD.


Anyway you put it Haswell it's a big dissapoiment.

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