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IB-E 4930K/4960X Batch and Serial Numbers

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i7 4930K(Retail) @ 4.7GHz cinebench @ 1.29 volt air-cooling

Batch: 3325A911






update here


Upsolute max on air-cooling (temp related)

4.82Ghz cinebench @ 1.36 volt






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6C/12T 4700MHz, 1.35-1.38v depending on bench. I found 11 Physics to be harder than Vantage CPU, which I wasn't expecting.

Cooling: CoolerMaster V6GT, bodged mount, stock fans. Hottest core was ~80


2C/2T: 5GHz @ 1.40v, quick test with AM3. Lower voltage = BSOD, so this chip ain't gonna be zOMG under LN2 in any situation, especially if vCore shouldn't go higher than 1.75v

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That Black Edition is a monster for memory overclocking :eek:


How big is the difference with the regular Extreme ?


You know PJ, I don't have one to test anymore, but I think a lot of it is the improved IMC from the Ivy architecture. Just think of the difference from Sandy to Ivy memory clock wise.


Regardless every IC has been so easy to run in quad channel as long as you have decent kits. Still have BBSE to test but I think 2600 8-11-7-22 should be doable which should be very strong for any 3D benching.

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