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UCBench11: Tweaks and Luck


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Only allow default settings and done :)


For 5960X - I only had CPU for testing.. but using default t-count cause bug runs too, which is why I start using other t-counts. I typically dont get into the habit of saving bug results... but for the sake of this thread, guess I had better start :o


*24 was causing a lot of bug results as well, getting 4/5 runs with bug (using Win7 too to eliminate ACPI issue with octo core in XP)


8c/16t = 1t bug, 3t bug ... so how can default settings be used?

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Duke;332842']It's a good thing I still have all my UCBench cpus. When this is over i'll just have to show that my subs are legit. A tweaked os putting up good scores doesn't make my subs bugged.


I don't know what your subs look like but this bench is so messed up that it's pretty likely that your subs actually are bugged.


Don't take it too personally because even those who run at stock speeds have had bugged results' date=' trust me it happens -_-


We just made a sheet :D





Looking at this are you literally just checking those which are highest globals?


If you are then you're going to miss quite a few results that are going to be bugged. If I had any sort of control I'd be more than happy to help out now that I have no job and a lot of time on my hands :P

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