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HSW-E 5820K/5930K/5960X Batch and Serial Numbers


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wow, awesome chip.

LOl, I dont know, if to the Czech republic are binned bad chips, but my chips 5960x:


2x L418C676


first one

air (Noctua NHD14)

4300 MHz 1.32V stable

4400 MHz 1.375V Cinebench stable


LN2: max 5 GHz Cinebenchs, CB -125


second chip:

seems a bit better, testing from yesterday

Cinebenchs 4350 MHz 1.25V

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Vid on Haswell-E imho is useless, same 4.5 GHz @ voltage on air. all depends from CB and cpu itself regarding scaling


My golden USA cpu has vid 0.992v, does 4.5 ghz @ 1.275v and 5.8 GHz 4-Way Gen 3,0 on ln2... just scales like crazy with cold


My best retail is also vid 0.992v, does 4.5 ghz @ 1.25v, 5.6 ghz @ 1.6v on ln2 cinebench

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  • Crew
Is it possible to have the OP updated with a list like previous batch numbers?


Putting them in an excell format atm sir :D




Massman will add the excel or the list to the first post, will update weekly from now on...


Plz if all can provide from now on the following info:


Batch nr


Stable Cinebench R15 voltage for 4500MHz ( or lower) & type of cooling used (binning)

Stable benchable on LN2/ H20 with required voltage

CB and CBB for the particular CPU under cold

Potato or not :)


thank you

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hello :)


5960x L430C145

vid : 0.928vc


@4.5/x40/1500mhz > 1.1875vc/1.8vcin/1.15vcache/llc7 stable all cinebenchs .

@4.7/x40/1500mhz > 1.30vc/1.8vcin/1.15vcache/llc7 stable all cinebenchs .


tested with ln²:


Cb -120/-122



@5.7/x40/1500mhz > 1.55vc/2.1vcin/1.10vcache/llc9


my first résults :





i need more time for testing seeting bios for cbb and cb on ln² ;)

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Batch 3418C471


@Chiller around 20 degree











In awaiting for my i7 5960X with the same batch# of yours. found it at flea, let see and hope, fingers cross that be like yours. This is my last one already own two of this bad boys and they are a potato compare to yours. One @ 4.2Ghz need it 1,280V, the other one that is on the computer 4.3Ghz need it 1,280V. This last one has a an idle voltage of 0.995Volt.

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