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HSW-E 5820K/5930K/5960X Batch and Serial Numbers


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I have a new 5820k from Amazon, on a Asus X99 A 3.1 Board.


Batch is L531B6xx - Malaysia


4,5GHz @ 1,178V stable 2h HWBOT RealBench, 1h "Small FFT", and 1h 1344 Test (Prime27.9).

With the NH-D15 under 80°c on heavy heavy load (Small FFT 27.9)


I think it is a really good sample.



Vinput: 1,89V

Cache: 3,6GHz @ +0,075V Offset

RAM: 4x4GB Geil Dragon 3200MHz --> 3000MHz CL15-17-17 @ 1,34V, SAVoltage -0,030V Offset.



Any suggestions? I dont know the "Power" Features of the Asus Boards. Do I have to activate something? ("T-Probe" and "Optimized" ist activated on every possible Position, LLC ist on "5")


Should I OC my Cache higher? +0,075V seems a bit high to me.

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Someone is asking me what is the best batch for a 5930k or how can you improve the chances of getting a good overclocker. Is 'J' batch the best for a 5930k?


My 'J' batch 5960x does 4.6GHZ CPU, 4.4GHZ cache at 1.296v/1.246V respectively, my 24/7 overclock and does 3200 MHZ on my 8x4GB single sided G.Skill 3000 RAM. :D


On doubled sided RAM (128GB Corsair Vengeance LPX) I have to settle for 2666MHZ though. :(

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I have been hoarding a brand new X99 setup for over a year and am finally about to set it up but i have some questions for you guys..


the MOBO is Rampage V Extreme


the cpu is 5820k BATCH # L431B929


my question.


should i get good OC base off batch # or should I buy newer J batch and return old chip?


current system only i5-760 @ 4.2ghz from 5 year ago FIRST i5 generation =b

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Hi all :)


i'm new on hwbot


i'm french so sorry if my english is not perfect :D


i got a 5960x Batch J513B143 stable to 4.5Ghz @ 1.175v under my kraken x60 and i want to sold it. I saw on internet it's capable of 5Ghz for 1.362v but i don't try it beacause i haven't the good cooling for.


Any one can help me to know hom many i can sold it ?


warranty : march 2019 intel


Have a good day for all

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