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Maybe biggest Socket 775 Collection


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bunnyextraction xD


If you need 5 minutes per CPU you will need ~190 hours of work without any break. Assuming you bin 3 hours per day you will need over 2 months of binning every day :D :D

you can actually bin at a pace faster than 1 cpu/minute:

-enter desired settings in BIOS (such as 500x6 for Allendale, for example)

-swap CPU (cooler attachment no need)

-power the platform up

-immediately (before it POSTs) power it down

-power it up again. the board will set 500x6 instead of the crash-free new-cpu settings so if the setup doesn't post again (apparent after 5-10s) then you have a reject

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Y'know.... one bit of advice i'd give for hardcore CPU binning is to buy a PSU without a rocker switch for power (e.g.... Antec Quattro) The number of power cycles will eventually break the switch. OR.... I have bad luck with PSUs :P

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But PSUs can be "overclocked" too :) When I tried to get more of ABit ST6-R mobo, then I increased the voltage PSU produced at 3.3V line in attempt to give more voltage to the rams and chipset. At 3.6V the overvoltage protection stopped me, but... imagine the possibilities! :)


PSUs are fair game too.


You can take a look at the old work of mine on old Eurocase PSU that I made fanless: http://trodas.wz.cz/index.php?act=ST&f=16&t=438 ...even that you cannot read the text, you get the idea from the pictures :)

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Well... Just wait... :)


Price is just a perception on how the potentional buyers see the things are worth. If vast majority of people suddently think, that Skylake i7 is worth next to nothing, it soon become worth next to nothing... no matter what will Intell try to battle it.


So, if you need the i7 Skylake price to lower, you gotta employ some tricks from Mr. Bernays (see The Century of the Self for explaination).

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