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RAM Heatsink plates


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It was only a half, so there were no screws :) I'll use countersink screw and standard nut, M3 size. Seems to be working fine, one plate is bending a bit, I think that if it will be made from Aluminium, then it will be fine.





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Go ahead and post prices. In the end it helps the community so I don't see why not. :)


Thanks. Better ask before :)


Ok. Pricing will be:


25 euro for aluminium pair

?? euro for copper pair


Aluminium ones should be available in next week. I don't think that grouped shipping to USA will be necessary, it's rather cheap from Poland.


Shipping <1kg is 12 euro, <500g is 7 euro to USA. <500g to Australia is 11 euro at example. I don't know exact weight of the package now, I just wanted to write roughly the price range.


It would be nice if you write a post here how many pairs do you need. :)

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Pricing is spot on, as long as they use an m3 nut like you say or a steel threaded insert to prevent thread stripping. I assume this price is for raw finish, will there be an option for anodizing or nickel plating or would that nearly double your price. No bid deal I already have a few items I'm looking to have done anyways, could just add them to the list


Quick edit, will these be tapped/threaded to hold down ln2 pot such as ek triple point?

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They will have threaded holes compatibile with EK pot. It was the goal from the beginning. I 'll also include the allen key to each set.


So far I don't plan to make anodized or nickel plated version. EDIT: I'll check anodizing.


Now I'm finishing design I little bit, I want them to be adjustable (DDR3 and DDR4 compatbility, single sided sticks with thermopad on the back) and not crooked after screws are tightened.


Another goal of the design is, that both sides will have direct contact with the pot, what should improve heat transfer.

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Very nice, any chance of a set compatible with the corsair dominator pot? Or could I buy a set and adapt myself?


It should be doable, but I'll need couple dimmensions. Or I can make one without threaded holes from the top, you can drill and thread your own.

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