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1 hour ago, Mr.Scott said:

OK, now that I'm using the correct 3.2 version, how the hell do you save the result file?

Everything I've tried just closes the program and never saves the file.

Try different options for hwinfo, for some reason if you have the wrong one selected it crashes. I believe you need to select hwinfo in safe mode when you run the bench.

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Hi, to everyone.

Bug report and sorry if I repeat it but as far as I read from the previous posts nothing relevant found.

So, its about "venice" core stage. 

wprime 32m bugs and reverts with errata scores.

In my case, with cpu speed of 2805 gave me once a score 23.156 sec while the correct score should be 55+ sec or so.

If you are not look the monitor during the bench and you do something else and you come back after a while you are surprized

If you look the monitor you notice that in e.g. 38% program exits the bench and records the result of 38% as final.

This can potencial give "bugged" scores undetectable if this will happen during last calculation loop and will have 2-3 seconds better score.

At the moment I see no issue with the uploaded scores, so may this happened only to me, so, everybody be aware.

Videos and screenshots from my side are available if you need them.

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Correct. 1336 to be specific.

Unfortunately, there are some questionable bugged subs in a few categories. Some been there for years.

IMO, too late to question now. No way to prove it. Time to move on. Those subs will be there forever unless they're just out and out ridiculous.

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