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chispy - 4x Radeon RX 590 @ 1670/2125MHz - 116156 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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4 hours ago, GtiJason said:

Nice one Angel !
NinjaEdit: Is that a VENOM on big cpu ?

Yes sir ,  it is :D

3 hours ago, Matt26LFC said:

Nice work Chispy! Always good to see you on cold again

Thank you my good old friend Matt !

3 hours ago, aerotracks said:

Great job!

Thanks aerotracks !

3 hours ago, bigblock990 said:

Yellow plasti FTW ha ha. Great results Chispy!!

Gracias amigo Brady , yellow plastidip made it score higher :D , i'm also a fan of yellow ( yellow cpu pot , yellow plastidip you see ). my OC Formula is dead and i missed her and  i could not find another one so this is the closest i can get to it ha ha ha ... 

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2 hours ago, Splave said:

nice one bro

Thank you Allen :) .

8 minutes ago, MaddMutt said:

BIOS/CPU holding back memory?? Nice 4-way :)

Thank you MaddMutt. Memory was dropping channels trying to boot at cas 12 DDR4-4000 , can only boot at 3800 cas 12 , i think is the board and bios as in my old ASRock x299 OC Formula i was running speeds close 4000Mhz Cas 12 just fine , same sticks , same cpu. I do not like this board for subsero to be honest :/ , Bios need more open options and needs more work ,  eleet software is full bugs , very slow and cannot change voltages on it because it will crash windows ...

Edited by chispy
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1 hour ago, MaddMutt said:

I understand. I found 1.17

It's ok i'm done with 9980xe it eats ln2 like crazy. 70L in 2 days for 3 good scores only , around 3-5 liters of LN2 per vantage run. Vantage is a very long benchmark to run. 

30 minutes ago, l0ud_sil3nc3 said:

Awesome job chispy!

@GtiJason the venom works great on the big chips, it's obviously not as good as Roman's TR pot but completely usable.

Thank you George.

Edited by chispy
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