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What if ... Sandy Bridge-E LGA2011 has the same clock walls as Sandy Bridge? (image thread)


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Weird to think BCLK overclocking will be back and yet still things don't change in terms of scaling..... weird architecture.


BCLK overclocking is not back, they just added more straps to play with. Instead of the single 100MHz ref clock, you'll now have 100, 133/150(?), 166, 200 and 250MHz.


I kind of expect there to be not much added wiggle-room, though. These settings are basically clockgen registry settings. I expect them to be linked to the PCI/USB still. So, probably it will be like:


100MHz strap => 100-110 MHz

133MHz strap => 133-144 MHz

166MHz strap => 166-182 MHz

200MHz strap => 200-220 MHz

250MHz strap => 250-275 MHz


So, re-introduction of "fsb hole"-type of problem.


(ofcourse, this is pure speculation, but it makes sense for me :D)

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It seems like it...if SB-E stuck @ 53X average then BD that can scale with cold probly will be a short cut....


Time to dust off your venom pot and put the single stage back in the drawer...and hold on to your 58X/59X:)

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