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Testing Rampage IV Extreme

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A board without owner in the shop ... hell no! So, I decided to look after this board. Should be interesting to see how the board compares to UD7 and GD65.


Test Setup:


- i7 3960X ES / i7 3960X / i7 3930K (still need to decide)

- Rampage IV Extreme (bios 0604)

- 4x 4GB GeIL Evo Corsa

- GeForce 8400GS (for now)

- 4x MSI R6970 Lightning (later)

- Silent Pro M1000 PSU


Thanks goes out to Tones for getting me this board. A big fat middle finger goes out to whoever in HQ is sending those idiotic emails to the local offices in the neighbourhood.




Quick pic with the cell phone. I'll make a better one later this week ... :)




First boot



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Yeah, it all comes down to the IMC on the CPU. Should be interesting to see how that cpu fares in other boards as well.


So, quickly tested two chips, both ... ehr, shit. One doesn't even get to 5200, the other reaches maybe 5380. I'm going to test later on the GD65-8D to verify those clocks. Apart from that, the R4E is pretty much plug and play. You enter 5G and DDR3-2400 and it'll boot to that straight away. BIOS is overkill and might scare off some folks (like the Classified or the Dfi boards did), but it has a smooth response and the profiles do make it a bit easier to work with.


If you're getting started with this board, I strongly recommend you read this manual written by Shamino: Pretty much explain everything there is to know about this board.


First, let's test the same chips on other boards, then re-test on all and then make a conclusion.

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I must say the board is starting to grow on me. The ease with which it allows you to push the hardware is pretty amazing. It either boots up and works, or boots up and tells you it didn't work. BIOS and board are both fully ready. It seems other teams have much more work to do.




Well done Shamino and the BIOS team.

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