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question/ very good suggestion.


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The AM3 wrapper has "make screenshot" and "save result" buttons.


A result can be "saved" with zero info.


The screenshot button is NOT the same as hitting Print Screen.


Please can the screenshot button be connected to the save result button? It is more than a simple "screenshot" that is being taken ...and taking the screenshot MUST happen before saving the result. There is nothing else to do with the file and no other set of steps to get a valid, HWB-ready result.



I have some perfect "Print screen" screenshots....and some .hwbot files of size 0KB

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would be nice if you didnt have to restart the app after each run too. Unless im doing it wrong only ran it afew times but seems like you need to restart every time which is a hure pain in the ass cause you have to set affinity each time too.


you can rename the aquamark executable to something that automatically sets the affinity to all cores and run the benchmark wrapper. it saves some time and headache :)




apparently... naming it to any random name other than aquamark works



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glad you posted this k404. I ran aquamark last night and set a team record, I setup my CPU-Z/GPU-Z windows, made my own screenshot then hit the 'save validation' (or whatever it was called) button and got an unable to read data file error message. very annoying. Now I know I have to hit the screenshot button (even though apparently it doesn't just do that).

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and painfully slow at startup... messed up 2 Windows installations with that crap...


Never understood why they compiled with /net40 as target.


How about you target net 2.0 so it's lighter on OS front? Nothing from 2.0 to 4.0 that it's needed for your small wrapper.



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