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The official HWBOT OC Challenge March 2012: "Goodbye Abit, RIP" thread.


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That could be better. However I don't know if AM2 boards have a chance - not played much with Brisbane/Windsor. Ask Knut about this :D.

If you make it so, I'd have 2 stages to compete in, otherwise it would be s.A only :P

Or could search to buy AM2 board.

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There are no AM2+/AM3 boards :P At least AM2 boards' cpu support list stops at X2 models (Brisbane/Windsor).

On the other hand, s.939 is not included :(.


Abit AX78 has a beta bios which support Phenom II:



I just dont know how well it works because I dont have this board. :P


EDIT: AN78GS has a biosmod with Phenom II support.


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But still own the NF7-S that did 281 FSB :P

Oh I'm fully aware that you do.:D

None of my socket A Abit boards will beat that, so it's off to the BE6-II. I'll still submit in socket A but don't really have a chance. It'll be fun though.:)

Pretty sure I still have an AN8 here too............somewhere.

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RIP Abit

Also Instead of March Challenge ,they should have open separate Abit challenge. damn There's no ABIT sales in India till now.... One full month we have to Sit Idle and watch this competition... :-(

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i dont have any more boards left. i feel bad for such an iconic brand to die out but it's a lesson others are well aware of. i remember spending a lot of time testing abit boards i bought with my own money to try help them improve. i compiled lists of issues on support forums and hoped that someone would pay attention and care about their own product to improve but no. It was a let down. Things were sliding backwards for years and everyone gave up pretty much long before final siren went off.

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