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1M and 32M SuperPI High Score Anyones?


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Hey mates

So Intel is now selling 3770K and 3750K in China, so it is possible to get a CPU, even legally today, you can order one at will!!! Get two maybe three even!





I saw andatech post review and i saw a few reviews today. They used ES CPU...

THey also say OC is not good on Ivy, but that is no true.





i know my skillz are leet

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amazing RAM clocks WOW


You could legally buy an Ivy Bridge in Russia a couple of weeks ago already.

And ASUS have bigger scores (5.188s and 5min02.843s) up their sleeve :)


sounds a bit slow to me...


whatever happened to those screenshots you had up in another thread Sam?

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BIG SIGH... so we have to wait till the 29th of April to buy them and they are officially already being sold in some countries... this is a big mess...


29th april is the date we got on email for posting IVy performance not sure if we can buy retail at same day...

maybe some reseller got them ready in stock but don't have permission for selling til 29th april?

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Hiwa that's an old date


Then our Intel PR people should inform us asap what the new date is then Dino :D And start shipping some samples to the media asap too... at Cebit they told us it would still be a few weeks before we had them, but we had masses of time to get the reviewing work then... NOT :P


I watched the news yesterday, any OC'ers already being executed ? or put in prison ?

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