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There was an auction on ebay in France named ''Motherboard for sale''

No picture

And in the description it was written:

''Motherboard + CPU + 4x 512MB Memory + Graphic card + CPU Cooler''


for 40 + 10 €.



Dunno why I bid, what the hell anyway I bid.


I received the package today, Guess what ?


Motherboard: ABIT IC7 MAX3 + Full Copper Chipset Cooler Thermalright with active fan

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz Extreme Edition

Memory: 2x 512MB Winbond BH-5 + 2x 512MB Samsung TCCD

Graphic card: Albatron FX5600P

CPU cooler: Full Copper Cooler with heatpipes with active fan



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Hum, cpu, memory and graphics card working well all tested.


But the motherboard isn't booting, hang up at 00 00 code on the PCI analyzer card.


So I checked the PCB and found that it has been damaged buy the seller I guess as the package was ok:




So I did fix this using my soldering skills making bridges:





But the board still won't boot.




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