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Bug confirmed - looking into the exact issue.


The bug didn't affect the top-5, but it does affect rankings 7 and 8. Perica has 36+11+1.8=48.8pts and Cische has 26.4+16+6.6=49pts. I've manually updated the ranking so it's correct now. Also informed MSI about this issue.


Damn, hope we can find the bug quickly. Sorry about this guys!


(okay, back to holiday)

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Ok guys, I am finally end for MOA.


My costs:


I bought 3x MSI Lightning HD 7970 - 2000$

Intel Core i7 3770K 6700 Spi 32M is dead - priceless + 330$

MSI Big Bang II XPower is dead, working only 3 channels DIMMs - 400$

MSI Z77A-GD65 is dead, VRM phases is dead, start and random shutdown under load - 200$


Totally: 2930$


And we have two ways now:


1. When Smoke come back from Taiwan buy new Lightning and X79A-GD65 650+250$

2. Buy 2 tickets in Taipei and be as guests! :D price 1500-2000$








Some people like I in Poland hadn't had chance to participate in MOA earlier. The only normal MOA polish edition was in 2009, firstly there were online qualifications and 4 best participated in live event contest, I was third then in live event. Then in 2010 there wasn't MOA in Poland, in 2011 MSI Poland organised live event contest only for Team PCLab (G.Foyle and yotomeczek) and ryba (ASD crew). So this year I made up my mind and decided to buy all needed hardware and fight for finals. It's bad that we need so much hardware for it which is very fragile, and it would be nice if there were semifinals live but like I said, for me it was the only chance and I am very happy with 2012 MOA edition via HWBOT. Maybe next year MSI would develop this form, and make HWbot qualifications for live semifinals, it would give more fight, bigger show, more prices for participants :)








Till now, me and Cische bought:


5 7970 lightning (1 dead)

1 x79 gd65 (bios corrupted, RMA)

1 x79 xpower II

2 z77 gd65 (both still alive)

6 3770k (but not specifically for this contest, we are still binning more)

250 liters LN2



We hope to have something more to show ..... ;)








eish! The EMEA MOA Qualifiers has been extremely tough for alot of us judging by some of the conversations and posts here.

while MSi has done a great job with the Z77A-GD65 and i like the board compared to its predecessors but only the first couple of bench session are great and then something go's wrong with the ME8/bios and or the components on the board.

I have had 4 boards now that developed the issue where the maximum multiplier is 39x and after a wipe/reflash the board works and functionality is restored but no stability at high clocks and low temps can be reached again.


added to this have tested a total of five 7970 Lightnings and the results have been a wild!

1) LN2 CB -140 1600 @ 1.598 - AIR 1300Mhz @ 1.3

2) LN2 CB -30 1550 @ 1.550 - AIR 1300Mhz @ 1.3

3) LN2 CB -80 1630 @ 1.610 - AIR 1300Mhz @ 1.3 - DEAD (0.0 vGPU)

4) LN2 CB -90 1500 @ 1.650 - AIR 1200Mhz @ 1.3 - DEAD (0.0 vGPU)

5) LN2 CB -95 1610 @ 1.620 - AIR 1300Mhz @ 1.3


Last night my best 7970 lightning died while testing memory clocks for SuperPi32 on a GD65 that had the 39x error fix, stock bios, stock heat sink at stock clocks just 5 seconds into 06 with 0.0vGPU :( :(


My best sessions was always my first session so after 4 weeks of hard frustrating benching tonight will be my last dash to the finish line (If I can get 03 and 11 to load) with my last good 7970 on my 5th GD65 with a new CPU.


This has been a real wild ride of emotions but all the same what a great competition and good luck to everyone during the last 2 days of benching

Thank you MSi, Hwbot and every one else who has assisted and advised over the last 4 weeks








I bought third Z77A-GD65 today and it died after 15 minutes. I am officially out


Congrats guys, a very hard competition as always.


Just a site note, with all that hardware that you bought I can pay around 1 year and a half of my university....lol

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Congratz Vivi and Jurky ! OC that card !!


Thx, would give a try ;)


Congratulations to all participants! The competition was too strong for me since this was my first LN2 session ever and you guys are really pushing limits. But my lucky number 13 (overall) seems to bring me luck in lucky draw.. ;)


I look forward to the next competition, to compete with the best.

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