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MSI Afterburner Extreme - how to get it?


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The old and new official way -> Get in touch with local office.

Also @Massman, could you please upload first page?

I have received more or less 50 mp for ABX since the Guru3D issue. Thanks! :)

Pepi please link them to my thread where I have uploaded it.




Would one of these work?


I have used abx v1.60 beta 4 for a evga gtx 480 hydrocopper in the past and works well for unlocked voltage. May need to try try different ones for a gtx 580

The linked thread has ABX that I found on forums, and the one from Hwbot


I'll up it on dropbox, just send me a pm who needs the special version

Should be in thread above.

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hey do you guys know if the hwbot abx version works for 7970, or if one of the versions in your thread does. Or if anyone has it that can send it. Thanks.


Can anyone help with me this too? I have an MSI Lightning 7970 and can't get more than 1.35v when running current Afterburner, older versions I can't get any Voltage control. Can't even get 4.1.1HWbot version to run at all.



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have you tried changing the date at least a year back in time?


Haha that's brilliant! It worked, would never have thought of that in a million years lol I can even whack voltage way up there now! Not that I will as am on air!


Why does that work?


Wonder if my 7970 Lightning BE will give me the same kind of voltage control! That one doesn't have an LN2 BIOS


Cheers though mate! That's made my day lol

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