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MSI Afterburner Extreme - how to get it?


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Update 15 June 2016


To acquire any version of AfterBurner, please contact your local MSI office.


Update 04 May 2015


As some of you already know, there's now a very simple way to get ABX >>> Just send a PM to Pepinorang.


Requirements are the following:

  1. You have to be registered as an Extreme/Elite overclocker on HWBot.org.
  2. You need to have already submitted at least 3 scores using sub-zero cooling (dry ice or better) on VGA.
  3. Send back the NDA form we'll provide to you, signed.
  4. Pay some drinks to Pepi whenever you come to Taiwan. :D


Be aware that,

  • Of course, you have to respect the NDA form you'll sign.
  • The ABX version you'll receive should only work for the VGA model you'll indicate to us.
  • Your S/N will be requested, warranty will void and any RMA request will be rejected for the product you applied.

If you're okay with all that is written above, Afterburner Extreme is available! :celebration:

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How is NDA going to be enforced?? All a user has to do is cover up the username in AB.


Plus, AB works on non-MSI cards too! *shock* Much like Asus allowing Intel CPUs to be fed with 2vCore... it ain't Asus problem if the CPU dies. Why would MSI care if I set fire to a Sapphire card?

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I've never lied to vendors. If they send me stuff, i'm going to be honest in my public review. The stuff is probably gonna die. I am very unlikely to take any world records because that means going up against guys who have access to hundreds of CPUs and/or cheaper LN2. (I leave out the skill part)



The worst thing a company can do to me is promise that my tomorrow is the same as my today and yesterday- no support. I've been doing this for 8 years. It clearly doesn't keep me awake at night.





Hello MSI. While keeping all the above in mind, please can I have Afterburner Extreme? :D

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