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Please work on a new wrapper


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The problems with AM3 are becoming a bit too "big"


-Score is worse with the wrapper

-bench runs with no consistency- easy to get an even worse run time and time again

-SLI has horizontal flickering lines, which also affects the score negatively

-"Runtime error 7 out of memory" at the end of the bench

-.hwbot files aren't always accepted.



I know these problems don't affect all people but seriously, for a wrapper that "doesn't change anything" ..... it's changing a LOT


You know how demoralising it is that after seeing AM3 complete and give us a score, there are still two "benchmarks" left that are out of our hands before we see the score on HWB?


Thankyou :)

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If you fix AM3....REALLY fix it, I doubt you will need to buy yourself a pint at an OC meet for a long time :D


(All I ask is... please give us notice before the new version goes live because some of us will have scores to upload while they are still valid) :D

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Can't say I made comparisons because one more run of AQ3 and someone is getting killed over here :) (notice how final score is 28K so yea not keen on running it...)

Will find out soon I guess.


I can clarify - he meant subtest scores. In the current wrapper, it lists scores for each subtest. In yours it just lists total/cpu/gpu in the screenshot you presented.


Nice to see subtest scores, but given a choice, I'd be happy to just take a wrapper that works better.


Assuming yours does, do you have any idea when hwbot would begin accepting it for submissions? Sometimes things go quickly, other times more slowly.

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