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[VIDEO] HKEPC Shows Haswell Core i7 4770K at 6.4GHz with 1.445V


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We have binned a 3770K that easily does 6 GHz benchstable and maybe a bit more with 1.4 volts under cold. But guess what ... it does not scale with voltage, so 6.2 GHz is about the maximum the cpu can do with 4 cores. And that was one piece out of 55 cpus we tested.

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Guest John Lam
Does it also mean that with 1.45V the CPU will bench at, say, 6.2-6.3GHz or this 'theory' is only good for 0.1s suicide screens?


Correct !! Only works for 1~3 Sec , not benchable voltage , that's why I need to need "LN2" switch.


For the 3770K chip which can reach 6.92GHz @ 1.488v , it is a 7.18GHz Benchable Chip @ 1.908v and max freq is 7.219GHz .

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Just for the record, I will repeat myself. One, if you post something in public I will assume it's to be viewed by everyone and it's okay to relay the news. Two, if you happen to see something you wish to have removed from the site all you need to do is send me a private message or email.




(ps: if you still feel it is necessary to fulminate in public, that is your choice)

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HKEPC @ GA-Z87X-OC @ i7-4770K @ DDR3-3850 Bootup:


//EDIT: I was asked over email to remove the link to this video due to NDA. (always nice to just have someone contact you instead of reading angry stuff on Facebook)



it's already on ocaholic.ch.

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