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Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force LN2

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Hello guys


I just want to show you that the memory frequency is not only depended from memory sticks but from motherboard also. Cookie and me showed 2282 MHz on a Kingston stick but all the memory vendors can do high frequency on this board.











These are very quick tests not maxed out, only Kingston’s stick is maxed out.

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I was told the board would be in Newegg, but can't find it on the pricelist.


Maybe we should make something like a group buy. Make a list of everyone who wants to buy one :D


Everybody can buy everything. Let's change something in our lifes, how about list of everyone who wants to receive that board for free :banana:

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well thats great. so now I am never gonna get one.. This is such a crap move on gigabytes part. only making 100, not telling anyone its out...


I will never buy a part from gigabyte after this nonsense


drum up hype by making limited release board. no announcement of sale whatsoever. no way to find out when it will go on sale. no response from anyone on facebook. support told me to wait for an announcement on their home page. That never freaking happened. I hope the impact 2 is good enough to blow this out of the water.

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