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rtsurfer - Core i7 7700K @ 6816MHz - 16.74 points Cinebench - R11.5


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Thanks everyone. :)


Good one, no more lurking from the shadows lol


Hopefully lol.

Z270 SOC board ?


Nah, the GTL is there because this is old OS that I used for X99 too.


Crazy cpu, congrats. Any air testing to report? And batch?

I still don't know what to bin for really :)


Try 5.2/4.6 R15 LLC1 RAM auto 1.32V or lower. I think 5.3 is too much of a heat test to be reliable. Most chips need 1.35V+, at which point your temps are 80C+ with an AIO, not something I like. Non-delided for this one.


Also, 6.0/5.7 @ R15 LLC1 RAM Auto 1.5V @ -90C under ln2 (don't use the CB volts at this temp, you'll get a nice surprise if you do). Credits to Dhenzjhen for this test.


As usual, the lower the V for the above tests, the better.


Too much variations within the same batch for it to be reliable.


well done. plz share some info about the chip and m.b


Check previous recent subs for mobo info. ;)

Y u no show RGB pics man :D


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Can't afford, lol. :D

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